URC Book Club

The Book Group is a small but very friendly group, which uses books from the public library. At the moment there are only five of us who try to meet once a month for a cup of tea and a chat; sometimes we even talk about the book we have just read.

We all put in our ideas about which books to read and as a result have, over the three years we have been going, read a really varied selection of books, from quite serious historical books to very light-hearted novels. Very often books you would not have thought would appeal to you are the ones you find most enjoyable.

If anyone would like to join the group, or you are interested in finding out more, please get in touch, (info@stevenageurc.org.uk   07943 212259). We would love to have some new members with new ideas for books we could read in the future. We look forward to seeing some new members in the year to come.